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Jen McGuire with a great fish! Photo: Marcus McGuire

The Stone is still hanging in there!  It looked like slightly less vis this morning than yesterday (could have been more clouds and early morning light) but it was certain enough vis to get the job done.  Most folks have been fishing in Paradise Valley or town since it has been more clean than down low. We’ve had several trips go out this past week and anglers have been very successful using a dead drifted streamer or stonefly nymphs under an indicator.  If you are throwing streamers, be sure to bring your 300 grain, or plan on pounding the banks and hoping they eat it the instant the fly hits.  The CFS at Carter’s spiked slightly and it looks like the CFS on the Shield’s bumped up a bit.  The weather forecast is calling for several days in the  70-80°F range, with this weekend looking sunny with and 30% chance of thunderstorms today and early next week.  Could be the last few days we have before the river comes up and is too dirty, get out there while you can!