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Hide yo kids, hide yo wife... Photo: King Kris

Just a few Halloween pics for fun.  If you have any you’d like to share e-mail us at [email protected].   As we mentioned before the Yellowstone looks like it is going to be a while before she clears up and is fishing good again.  In the meantime we’ve been fishing the Spring Creeks, the Madison, YNP, smaller streams, and private lakes.  The creeks have had some excellent midge and baetis hatches on them.  For midges be thinking small (size #20-22) with a black pupa or red midge larva as a dropper.  For baetis go a little larger (size #18-20) with a short wing emerger or CDC emerger as a dropper.  We’ve been fishing 5 to 6X tippet, depending on the light and size of fish you are targeting.  If you are fishing streamers go 2 or 3X as the brown trout are getting some sharp teeth and will easily bite through smaller tippet.  The Madison would be a great spot to go if you are looking to fish streamers.  While the lower is closer and can be good swinging the upper is also worth a little more window time.  Since the Varney boat ramp has been closed, there is some good wade fishing to be had.  Yellowstone National Park closes the first Sunday in every November – which is 11/6 this year.  This would be a good week to get out there and try to enjoy the Park.  The baetis dry fly fishing on the Firehole can be as good as it gets this time of year.  While the fish aren’t as big as other places this time of year, you’ll make up for it with elbow room and lots of numbers.   As for smaller streams plan on walking a lot to cover ground.  You may be able to fish dries but it seems like small black streamers are the way to go.  Private lakes have seen a lot less pressure lately, and the ones stalked with browns will have big fish circling the edges this time of year.  Give us a call to book a trip while the weather is still warm!  406-222-7130.

Dia de los Muertos
Pffff... Californians and there dang selfie sticks... 😉