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James hooked up with a thick Yellowstone hen... Photo: Paul Block

The last couple days it has been ridiculously windy on the Stone.  Saturday we struggled with 40 mph winds and today we battled gusts up to 60-65 mph!  We literally almost got blown over several times.  Floating is obviously unsafe in such high winds, which leaves us with little options except wade fishing tomorrow.  If you happen to have an 8 weight rod with a sink tip, you can try throwing a streamer or two in heavy wind, but honestly the best trick for fishing in high winds is to use a two handed rod.  In brutal Livingston conditions, purchasing a switch or spey rod is a real game changer, allowing you to fish hard and enjoy a day on the river that would otherwise be impossible. Unfortunately these types of set ups are not cheap and they take a while to get used to.  That being said there are a few “best buy” rods and reels out there that can get you in the game for a reasonable price.  If you are interested in this type of gear but feel confused by spey lingo or just don’t know which two-handed rods work best to throw streamers into the wind stop by the shop or give us a call anytime.  We have a lot to learn ourselves, but we can at least get you started in the right direction…

Cha-Ching! Blart cashes in with a big Yellowstone buck on the swing... Photo: James Anderson