Comments and Finishing Order by Captain Jamie Allen

Jamie Allen Casting

Jamie's love of fishing began when he was just a boy growing up in Vermont.  A passion that would continue his entire life. Leaving New England he ventured out to San Diego and Colorado, before settling in Southwest Florida.  He’s been guiding out of Boca Grande, in Charlotte Harbor and Pine Island Sound coast since 2001, mainly for tarpon, snook and redfish.   Jamie spends over 200 days a year on the water and he prefers sight fishing in spots that few anglers ever see.

"Getting to share our wonderful fishing with different anglers and helping them experience the magic that swims thru out our waters makes me feel that I have THE best job in the whole world"  

Jamie is a Pro staffer for Scott Rods and Nautilus Reels. He is also a FFF certified casting instructor.  For photos and some great videos, check out his website:

Capt. Jamie Allen
cell  941-628-9031

Jamie Allen Performance Only Chart


#1 Scott S4S - 77 / 80

Scott S4s

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I think everyone liked rods that felt the most comfortable to them, meaning cast like the actions they most commonly use.  For me, it's the S4s.

Type 3 anodized reel seat, top notch recoil guides. Big tip top and guides tracked the best great loops all distance. Built for salt water conditions.  Great loops, responsive and accurate in the hand.  Easy to cast.  


#2  Sage One  - 74.5 / 80

Sage ONE

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Casts better than the Xi3 but I hated the small snake guides.  

#3 Loop Cross S1  - 74 / 80

Loop Cross S1 Flatsman

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Good and solid, somewhat like the Scott S4s, just not as good overall.



#4 (tie) Helios 2  - 73.5  / 80

Orvis Helios 2

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Very light clean design. Interesting reel seat, looks like a good place to catch dirt or gunk though. Tight loops and fun to cast at fist 2 distances. Have to watch your loops a little closer when carrying line on long casts.  In the back of my mind I had to wonder will this light rod break like the BVK's?


#4 (tie) Sage Method 9 foot #7  - 73.5  / 80

Sage Method 7 weight

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Much better with a  #8 line than the 9 foot #8 Method.  Very light in my hand. Better at short to medium distances.


#5  Thomas & Thomas Solar  - 73 / 80

Thomas and Thomas Solar

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A nice rod.  Solid performance at all distances.   Good guides.  I liked this rod.


#6  Sage Method  9 foot #8  - 71.5  / 80

Sage Method

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Cool looking rod, I liked the bright red. Small guides.  Great power.  Tracks nice, no problem with distance. Would not struggle in stiff winds.

All though the sage method scores high... I think over lining kind of cancels it out.  (We didn't put different lines on other rods to get a desired result).

#7 (tie) G. Loomis NRX  - 71  / 80

G.Loomis NRX

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Nice design in reel seat.  Cool contrasting cork.  Liked the black recoil guides, built for salt.  Accurate and smooth.  Starts to feel soft in the tip at longer distances. Easy to over power causing tailing loops.


#7 (tie) TFO BVK  - 71 / 80


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Over all good performer. nothing fancy.  But I KNOW these rods break from my experiences with clients.  Light in the hand and on the wallet.


#8  Sage Xi3 - 70.5  / 80

Sage Xi3 saltwater rod

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A good rod but not nearly as good as the new Method or One.   Outdated compared to Sage’s latest rods.


#9 (tie)  Winston BIII SX  7 (with 8 line) - 69.5  / 80

Winston BIIIsx 7 weight

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Heavy but a lot better than the BIIISX with an 8 line. 

#9 (tie) Hardy Proaxis - 69.5  / 80

Hardy ProAxis x

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Very stiff and fast in the tip. A little clubby, not as accurate, lots of power


#10 (tie) Beulah   Opal  - 68 / 80

Buelah Opal

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Great attention to detail. Best looking rod large salt water guides felt slightly heavy. Prefers a smooth slow stroke, not the tightest loops. be careful or you will over power at longer distances.  Surprisingly no problem reaching 100'


#10 (tie) St Croix imperial - 68 / 80

St. Croix Imperial

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Good power.  No nonsense design. First thought felt clunky ( heavy) in your hand good loops, not overly accurate no problem with distance


#12   St. Croix Legend Elite - 67.5 / 80

St. Croix Legend Elite Saltwater

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Basic, a decent rod, but nothing fancy-  medium size guides.


#13   G. Loomis Pro 4X   - 67 / 80

G.Loomis Pro4x

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Not bad for the price but the  St Croix Imperial was better.


#14  Ross RX  - 66.5 / 80

Ross RX

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Clean design good size guides felt light good loops started to feel over lined at longer distances



#13  Rugged Creek - 65 / 80

Rugged Creek

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Looks bad,  Doesn’t cast much better.  What more can I say?


#15  TFO Mangrove - 63 / 80

TFO Mangrove

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No match for the BVK.  Looks good but doesn’t cast well.  Feels clunky in hand compared to the BVK. 


#16  Mystic Reaper - 62 / 80

Mystic Reaper

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I call this rod not the Mystic, but the Mistake!   Squishy soft tails easy.loops grow larger with every distance only rod that wouldn't reach 100 this rod gave me the runs. After casting it wanted to drop it and run away.


#17  ADG - 61.5 / 80


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Another rod that does not impress me.   Another heavy clunker. 


#18  Winston BIII SX 8 (with 8 line) - 60 / 80

Winston BIII-sx

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Feels like an anvil in my hand.  Very little feel and tiring to cast.


One Piece Rods:

G. Loomis Pro 1  - 76.5 / 80

G. Loomis NRX 1 pc

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I liked the NRX the best.   It was more accurate and had more power.  Of the two 1-piece rods i liked the NRX best.  Most accurate, But they were close.    

Hardy Proaxis - 75.5 / 80

Hardy ProAxis X 1pc

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Nice and light but not as good at long range.

Jamie Allen casting