Our Favorite Saltwater Reel - The Nautilus NVG 7/8

Nautilus 7/8


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The Nautilus G-7/8 is our reel of choice on any 8-weight rod, when you need the ultimate in performance to handle sizzling fast bonefish runs or the bulldog like power of a big Louisiana redfish.  Yes there are cheaper reels, but you won’t find one that is better.  The G-7/8 is just a step down from the G-8/9 Nautilus that won our 2014 8-weight Reel Shootout.  These wonderful reels have a very

wide arbor spool with a big handle that you can grip very easily.   They are light in weight yet have a totally sealed drag system that utilizes four sets of ball bearings and a carbon fiber drag disc that provides a very smooth and strong drag, with a good amount of adjustment.  The Nautilus reels also have a lower start up inertia than any of the reels we tested.  The G-7/8 has the capacity for a S.A. WF-8-F Bonefish line and 200 yd. of the Hatch 68 lb. backing.  With 20 lb. micron backing you’ll have capacity for 170 yards, all without overloading the reel.  Like the Tibor reels we’ve used in the past,  the Nautilus reels are bulletproof and will provide a lifetime of enjoyable service.

Nautilus NVG

Nautilus NVG-7/8


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