#2    G. Loomis CrossCurrent Pro 1   8 foot 10”#8    $460.00

G.Loomis CrossCurrent Pro1

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G. Loomis CrossCrueent Pro 1


If your are looking for a great one-piece rod at a very reasonable price, take a good look at the CrossCurrent.  No, it doesn’t have the NRX technology, but it is only a tiny bit heavier and I liked the larger reel seat, the larger double uplocking rings and the larger fighting butt too.  The grip is a comfortable full wells cork grip.  This rod is the same olive/brown color as the 4-pc version, with brown wraps.  Guides are the silver wire recoil strippers with the rest large diameter flexible nickel/titanium  snake guides.  Although the CrossCurrent is really a GLX without the 3M Nano-silica resins, it has proven to be extremely tough too.

This rod is slightly heavier in swing weight and slower in action than the NRX.   It’s also heavier in my hand than the Meridian.


George’s casting notes:

Performance at 35 feet:  19 points out of 20

Good but the NRX has a lot more feel and is a lot lighter in swing weight.  The accuracy I’m getting is not nearly as good as the NRX in close. 


Performance at 60 feet:  19.5 points out of 20

Equal to the NRX here, and better than the Hardy.  Tracks better than the Hardy Zephrus and is more accurate.


Performance at 80 feet: 20 points out of 20

At both the longer distances, this rod is a real weapon.   Totally solid with nice tight loops.   I love it at this distance. 


Performance at 100 feet: 20 points out of 20

You can’t beat the CrossCurrent at extreme long range.   Makes it easy to fire long bombs all day long.



James Anderson:

#2 G. Loomis CrossCurrent PRO1     8’10”#8   $460    76.5/80

G Loomis NRX 1pc

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My first impression of the CC PRO1 was that this rod is clearly one of the best.  But after fishing it in Montana (with a sinking line) I’ve decided the G. Loomis CrossCurrent GLX 4pc version is a much more powerful and dependable rod.  I feel like this rod is a touch too soft for a sinking line, and that I have to wait too long on the back cast.  Punching it doesn’t help, therefore plan on having a lot of room in your back cast area. 


Performance at 35 feet:  19 points out of 20 Stiffer than the NRX, this rod is still buttery smooth and fun to cast. Compared to the 4 pc rods it would be an equal 20, but the NRX PRO1 feels even better.

Performance at 60 feet:  19.5 points out of 20 Feeling great again, this rod feels light, smooth, and accurate.  

Performance at 80 feet:  19 points out of 20 Although this rod is stiffer than the NRX PRO1, I’m not getting the same long distance confident that the Meridian and CrossCurrent GLX give me.  I suspect the compromise in power might also effect this rod’s strength in terms of playing big fish, ha – but I have yet to catch one with it…

Hit the Hun?  19 points out of 20  Yes, but it definitely performs better with a floating line.




Capt. Jamie Allen:

#2 (tie) G. Loomis CrossCurrent Pro 1

G. Loomis CCGLX PRO1

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I like the fit and finish better on the NRX so that could be the tie breaker.  Both are strong and can reach 100’ easy.  The Cross Current feels a little heavier but also a little stronger and might be less likely to tail on a windy day.



Capt. Skip Zink: 

#1  NRX                                          19.5     20     19.5      59

#2  HARDY                                    19.5     19.5    19        58

  #3 CROSSCURRENT                   19        19      19.5     57.5