Dusty Spraig

2016 8-weight Shootout

by Dusty Sprague

Dusty’s passion is teaching fly casting and shallow-water fly fishing.  He began fly fishing in the late 1950s; tying flies and teaching fly casting in the 1970s; and guiding in the early 1980s.  He has fly fished for fresh or saltwater species in much of the US, Belize, Mexico, the Bahamas, and Canada, and has guided in Alaska.  He has conducted saltwater fly fishing schools and hosted groups in pursuit of shallow-water species in the Bahamas, Mexico, and Belize. He is the former manager of two fly fishing shops and a fly fishing guide service at the Broadmoor, a five-star resort hotel in Colorado Springs.  He has been a featured presenter of fly casting demonstrations at numerous fishing shows and has appeared on NBC’s Today Show and ESPN’s Fishing Across America. 



Dusty Spraig Snook

Dusty is a Master Certified Fly Casting Instructor and a member of the Scientific Anglers' Pro Staff.  If you'd like to learn more about shallow-water fly fishing or how to sign up for one of Dusty's seminars/workshops, check out his website at dusty.sprague.com.  We are confident you will learn a ton and have fun while doing it! 

Unfortunately Dusty could only join us for the first day of casting and was unable to test all of the rods.  We feel his comments here are spot on - just like his casting abilities...


Dusty Spraig Performance only



#1  Scott Meridian    $865.00     80/80 points


Scott Meridian

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Light, responsive and strong - does it all superbly!



#2  G. Loomis NRX     $805.00     79/80 points  
G.Loomis NRX

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Excellent overall - feels heavy compared to Meridian - easily tails if application of power is not spot on.



#3  Sage Motive      $450     77/80 points

Sage Motive

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A solid performer at all ranges.



#4  Hardy Zephrus     $689     76.5/80

Hardy Zephrus

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Feels heavy in my hand - good power at all distances. 


#5   G. Loomis CrossCurrent GLX  $690  74/80

G. Loomis Cross Current GLX

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Feels tip heavy - excellent at distance. 


#6  Orvis Helios 2       $850      74/80

Orvis Helios 2

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Excellent feel at close range - OK at mid range - too soft at 70 feet and beyond.



#7  Mystic     $ 249.00      73/80

Mystic Reaper

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OK at close range - collapsing at longer distances.



#7  Sage Salt    $850.00   73/80

Sage Salt

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Lacks feel - unimpressive.


Dusty Spraig Tarpon

 Dusty Sprauge

         Dusty Sprague