#3  G. Loomis CrossCurrent   9 foot #8    $690.00

G. Loomis CrossCurrent GLX

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G.Loomis Cross Current GLX

It is easy to overlook the CrossCurrent in the Loomis line-up since the newer NRX has gotten all the press.  But the fact remains that this is one of the best long-range weapons you can lay your hands on.  The swing weight is heavier than the NRX though, and it is not nearly as pleasant to cast in close as the Meridian or the Helios 2.  At long range you are working harder and don’t notice the weight difference much.  What you do notice is how adept the CrossCurrent is at punching tight loops into the wind and ripping them out there at really long range. Like the NRX rods, these CrossCurrent rods are tough and very difficult to break.  I’ve put these Crosscurrent rods thru hell with almost no mishaps. Like the NRX, this rod has very good butt and mid-section power with a progressively softer tip.  Another bonus is the price.  You’ll save $100-$150 over the other top rods. 


This rod is finished in an olive/brown color with dark brown wraps.  They use a modified full wells design grip that is a little smaller below the swell than above.  Another Steve Rajeff innovation that seems to work well.  The reel seat is a green anodized aluminum double uplocking ring seat with a complimentary olive/brown graphite insert.  The locking rings are big and easy to grip.  A nice short extension butt is used.  The guides are two unbreakable wire recoil guides with the rest large diameter, flexible nickel/titanium snake guides.  A nice guide set up.  


George’s casting notes:


Performance at 35 feet:  19 points out of 20

Good, just not great.  The heavier swing weight makes it a little more work to cast than some of the other top rods.


Performance at 60 feet:  19.5 points out of 20

Almost as good as the NRX at mid-range.  Tracks nicely and throws very nice tight loops with good accuracy.   A very solid performance.


Performance at 80 feet: 20 points out of 20

Superior control at long range is the CrossCurrent’s strong suit.  Tracks beautifully making long casts a pleasure.   


Performance at 100 feet: 20 points out of 20

Perhaps our long bomb king of the shootout.  Casting 100 feet was easy and consistent with this rod, and FUN.     




James Anderson:

#2.  G. Loomis CrossCurrent GLX 9’#8  $690  77.5/80

G. Loomis Cross Current GLX

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Is the NRX better?  Yes, for 95% of saltwater anglers it is, but I like the CrossCurrent GLX better for streamer fishing, especially with a sinking line.  And for the money – this is my #1 G. Loomis pick.  At $115 less than the NRX and this rod does nearly everything the NRX does, it just feels a little heavier while doing it. Although our deflection board shows this rod’s tip is softer than the NRX, I feel it is the more powerful rod of the two.  I recommend fishing this rod with a Scientific Angler’s WF-9-F line, an Airflow 8 weight bonefish line, (which fishes more like a 9-weight), or a Rio 300 grain 24’ sink tip sinking line (for streamers). Paired with these lines this rod will send them out of the park!


Aside from this rod being a rocket ship casting weapon, I’m also seriously impressed with its ability to play fish.  I can’t say I’ve found a more powerful rod for playing big fish and bringing them in quickly (without risk of breaking the rod).  The NRX is also a fabulous rod for fighting fish. 


Performance at 35 feet:  18 points out of 20
  Accuracy isn’t a problem.  I can hit the plate just about 9 times out of 10.  The unique grip makes it easy to cast off the tip of the rod and even though I’m getting less feel and feedback from the rod’s stiffer sections I feel confident.  The one and only thing that holds it back from a higher score is that the best rods at 35’ had more feel and felt much lighter in hand.  Still for me this distance is somewhat of a “gimme” shot, so I wasn’t too concerned.

Performance at 60 feet:  19.5 points out of 20 Not quite as smooth for me as the NRX or Meridian but the reserve power is truly impressive.  I can punch it without the slightest fear of throwing a tailing loop. For my casting stroke, this rod is one of the best I’ve ever cast and only until I compare it directly with the NRX and Meridian does it feel less than perfect.  I’m not noticing any extra weight at this distance.

Performance at 80 feet:  20 points out of 20 Awesome power and excellent line control in the air.  This rod can bang out an 80 footer as good as any rod here. I’m really surprised that the NRX deflection had a stiffer tip than this rod since the CrossCurrent seems to have more long bomb power.  It also is my #1 pick for fishing big articulated streamers on a sinking line back home on the Yellowstone.   

Hit the Hun?  20 points out of 20  Ka Boom!  This rod is a freaking canon…  And it’s the only rod that I’ll give a 20 out of 20 to at this distance.  Here is your Long Bomb King!


Capt. Jamie Allen:

#7 (tie) G. Loomis CrossCurrent GLX

G Loomis CCGLX

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Both of these rods (G. Loomis CCGLX and Hardy Zephrus) don’t lack in power.  They will handle heavy wind well but they both feel on the heavy side.  Where they didn’t shine was in accuracy. Maybe over lining would help that.

Capt. Skip Zink:

#4 (tie) G. Loomis CrossCurrent GLX            57.5/60    

G. Loomis CCGXL

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Slightly heavy, powerful tip, lots of power, 100ft cast no problem.

Dusty Spague:

#5   G. Loomis CrossCurrent GLX  $690  74/80

G. Loomis Cross Current GLX

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Feels tip heavy - excellent at distance.