#1   G. Loomis NRX  Pro 1     8 foot 10”#8       $725.00

G. Loomis NRX Pro1

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G. Loomis NRX PRO1

If you are looking for the best one-piece 8-weight rod, this is it!  The NRX was just magical in my hands at short distances where I gave it a perfect score.  But it was very impressive at all distances, scoring 19.5 in all the rest.  Like the 4-pc NRX, this rod has power to burn and when you ask it for more, it delivers.    The NRX felt more balanced in my hand with the reel on.  Definitely lighter than the CrossCurrent. 

Like the 4-pc version, Loomis uses Nano-silica particles in the resin and the result is a very sensitive rod that is almost impossible to break.  If somehow you do break it in your skiff, by stepping on it in the rod rack (like I have somehow managed to do 3 times now - Damn!), G. Loomis will replace it under their great Expeditor repair policy for $100.  If they have the rod in stock you will get a brand new rod in just a few days.  And when you return the broken rod, you can just bust it up into little pieces rather than sending it back in that long shipping tube.


Loomis uses the wire recoil guides but with a smoke coating that is supposed to reduce noise and shoot line better.  They use the good nickel/titanium snake guides the rest of the way and a big tip top.   A full wells grip is used along with the same uplocking seat and extension butt that you’ll find on the 4-pc version.  


George’s casting notes:


Performance at 35 feet:  20 points out of 20

Nice and light and smooth as silk.  Even though I gave both 20 points I felt that the one-piece NRX had a slight edge in accuracy over the Meridian.  


Performance at 60 feet:  19.5 points out of 20

Excellent performance - very solid but I felt the Meridian felt lighter in my hand, had more feel and was more accurate. 


Performance at 80 feet: 19.5 points out of 20

No question about it - the CrossCurrent edges it out at long range, and is our long bomb king. 


Performance at 100 feet: 19.5 points out of 20

The NRX cranks out these long casts with ease and authority.



James Anderson:

#1 G. Loomis NRX PRO 1    8’10”#8    $725     78/80

1 piece NRX saltwater rod

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The NRX PRO1 is the only 1-piece rod that I thought held a candle to the podium 4-piece rods. It felt exceptionally light and remarkably smooth.  I’d be happy fishing this rod in the salt or with streamers and a sink tip.  Although the CrossCurrent is stiff in the 4-piece version, the NRX was the stiffer and more powerful 1-piece. 


Performance at 35 feet:  20 points out of 20 Absolutely flawless, both in terms of accuracy and feel.  Although it feels slightly heavier than the feather light Hardy Zephrus 1pc, I’m getting better accuracy out of the NRX.

Performance at 60 feet:  20 points out of 20 Excellent.  With this line (SA Bonefish taper) no rod feels better.

Performance at 80 feet:  19 points out of 20 Finally I think the smoothness and great feel of this rod compromise its raw power.  I thought several 4-piece rods were more powerful and delivered better accurate at 80 feet, including the Meridian, CrossCurrent, Legend Elite, Motive, Recon, and even the HMG.

Hit the Hun?  19 points out of 20  Solid performance but not even close to knocking the CrossCurrent 4-pc off the long bomb thrown. 


Capt. Jamie Allen:

#2 (tie) G. Loomis NRX Pro1

G. Loomis NRX PRO 1

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I like the fit and finish better on the NRX so that could be the tie breaker.  Both are strong and can reach 100’ easy.  The Cross Current feels a little heavier but also a little stronger and might be less likely to tail on a windy day.

Capt. Skip Zink: 

#1  NRX                                          19.5     20     19.5      59

#2  HARDY                                    19.5     19.5    19        58

  #3 CROSSCURRENT                   19        19      19.5     57.5