#6-tie  G. Loomis Pro 4X    9 foot #8      $360.00

G. Loomis PRO4x

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G.Loomis Pro 4x

Here is another great rod for the money in that mid-price range.  The G. Loomis Pro 4X has the same wonderful action as their NRX – it’s just a little heavier due to the lower modulus graphite used.  This rod has a nice fast action but I noticed that it just felt heavy in my hand, compared to the best rods.  Its swing weight is about like the CrossCurrent.  The Recon was far better.  But if you can get past the weight issue this rod does cast very well. 


I’m not very enthusiastic about the color of the coating Loomis uses on this rod.  The best way for me to describe it is slime green.  Then they use lighter olive green wraps.  I guess if you are into the camo look, this rod will be delightful but to me it is pretty drab and uninspiring.  Loomis could use a little help from the Sage graphics/color team and spice things up.  They use a nice full wells cork grip with a good anodized aluminum double uplocking reel seat.  A short extension butt is used, much like the one on the NRX. Guides are two SiC stripping guides with the rest large single foot hard chrome guides. The Pro 4X, along with the Orvis Recon and the St. Croix Legend Elite are the best rods in this mid price class.  And for $360 the Pro 4X is half the price or less than the best rods, which leaves extra money for a great saltwater reel...


George’s casting notes:


Performance at 35 feet:  19 points out of 20

Pretty good accuracy, but far heavier in Swing Weight than the Recon. 


Performance at 60 feet:  19 points out of 20

Again, the Recon proved to be definitely lighter and the accuracy was slightly better too. 


Performance at 80 feet: 19.5 points out of 20

At long range the Pro 4X felt more solid and cast better than the Recon.   Nice tight loops and good control.   


Performance at 100 feet: 19 points out of 20

Now the power of the Pro 4X shines as it easily overpowers the Recon at extreme long ranges.  



James Anderson:

#8 G. Loomis Pro4x     9’#8     $360     73.5/80

G. Loomis Pro 4x

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I really like the PRO4x in other models, (the 9’#5 Pro4X LP is an incredible value, and I also love the PRO4x two-handed rods).  Unfortunately the 8-weight Pro4x doesn’t perform nearly as well as other inexpensive rods.  I think it would be smarter to save up your money for an NRX or CrossCurrent, the difference is significant and worth every penny.   


Performance at 35 feet:  18 points out of 20 Heavy in hand but accurate enough.  If you can afford the extra $90 I recommend the Sage Motive or Orvis Recon

Performance at 60 feet:  18 points out of 20 Another solid performance but I still wish I was getting more out of the rod.

Performance at 80 feet:  18.5 points out of 20 Better but not great.  There are other rods that will serve you

Hit the Hun?  19 points out of 20 I was actually impressed, the hun wasn’t a problem for the Pro 4x.  

Capt. Jamie Allen:

#10 (tie) G.  Loomis Pro 4 X

G. Loomis PRO 4x

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These rods (St. Croix Imperial and G.Loomis PRO4x) are not each companies top of the line rod. But both will get the job done at a reasonable price.  Both are medium fast rods that track well. The St. Croix feels like it has a nicer swing weight while the Loomis has a little more power.



Capt. Skip Zink:

#8 G. Loomis PRO 4X        55.5/60

G. Loomis Pro 4x

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Felt a little clumsy/heavy, performance was good, tacked well and accuracy was good.