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Craig Sever with a healthy Yellowstone brown... Photo: Marcus McGuire
Deadly Edly with one of three browns over 20 inches he caught that day!! Photo: Denis Fay

Flows in town have now dropped to around 4,000 CFS, making for some excellent fishing, especially for those who can read water (or for those who are fishing with a guide).    In general, mornings have been fishing the best – with a nice cloud covered afternoons being the exception.  Water temps are creeping towards 70 degrees now, so getting your fly to dead drift exactly on the line you want it on has been key.  Some hot flies to try:  size #10-12 Rubber legs, size #14-18 beadhead nymphs (take your pick), #10 tungsten Slim Stones, #6 bow river buggers, #6 copper or green zonkers, #10-14 hoppers (take your pick – tan, peach, pink, purple), size #14-16 PMX, #12-16 lime trude, #10-12 turk’s, and #14-16 cinnamon power ants name a few…  The fish are really healthy this year and despite the warmer water temperatures, the fish are still fighting hard.  As always take your photos responsibly, giving the fish a good rest underwater between shutter clicks…