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Brent Johnson living large! Photo: Doug Mcknight
Trey with a nice one! Photo: Doug Mcknight

The Yellowstone has been fishing well the past few days… There has some mud but we’ve managed to work around it.  There have been a lot of anglers and boaters out on the water but the fishing has been good.  Most anglers are throwing streamers or larger nymphs as the big bugs are now in the park.  There has been good caddis hatches in the evening, although the big browns will not likely be interested in eating them for now.  The water has been dropping steadily, finally we’re in that magical 8,000 CFS window (8,200 today at carter’s) and the good fishing reflects that.   Wade fishing has not been that great, you’ll definitely want a boat if possible.  Give us a call if you want to get out there and we can hook you up with a great guide.  406-222-7130…  Most anglers have been fishing with 6-8 weight rods, which makes it easier to chuck the big bugs and also to keep the bigger browns away from trouble like undercut banks and brush piles.   If you only have a 5 weight rod and are looking for a good yet inexpensive set up, we recommend a TFO BVK.  The BVK comes in many sizes but the 9’#6, 9’#7, and 9’#8 are all great rods for the time being. At $240-260 a BVK won’t break the bank, it gets the job done well, it only costs $25 if you happen to break it, and the lead time on repairs is only around a week with shipping…

Rob Koehn doing things right! Photo: Nathan Anderson
Star and Matt, double locked again! Photo: Jedwards
Shaun Gordy and Jim Floyd tearing it up... Photo: Paul Bloch

The Bird Float (Grey Owl to Mallard’s) has been fishing ridiculously well, both for numbers of fish and big browns. Town down is still an expert oarsman’s game, with the shot at one or two big browns.  If you are not super comfortable on the oars you may want to avoid floating from Pine Creek down until CFS drops to around 6,000 or so.

Shogun with a nice afterwork brownie. Photo: Jed