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George, hog hunting in the boca... Photo: Julien Escalada
Terry Davis from Denver and his 22 pounder, a gorgeous fish!

We really put the hurt on them the week before George’s group arrived and we were all curious to see how the second back to back group would fair.  Jurassic Lake is such a strong fishery that the guys caught three 20 pound fish the first  half day of fishing and over fifty ten pounders.  The following day was beautiful weather, partly sunny with NO WIND.  It had rained hard the night before, so the Barrancoso River nearly tripled in volume.  That day the group set the new all time record for twenty-pound fish caught in one day…  The old record was 8 twenty-pounders in one day, but they caught 15!  The largest was 35 inches and weighed 23 pounds.  Many others were 21, 22, and 23 pounds.  The guides were amazed.  The rest of their trip went well, and everyone felt it was the greatest trip they had ever been on.  If you are interested in joining one of our trips next year please give us a call!

Keith and a chrome 22 pounder...