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Tim Stamm tames an 18 pounder from the Bay of Pigs... Photo: Pedro F. Rodriguez

Week 2 at Jurassic Lake lodge was another successful trip.   The guys caught a ton of fish in the 15-18 pound range, all with tall shoulders and as chrome as can be.   The report was basically the same, with big fish eating small dries in the river while the bay fish were still focusing more on nymphs.  A new goal for the Barrancoso river is to catch a fish over 30″ on a size #14 dry fly or smaller, which turned out to be a reasonable goal!  It looks like several anglers are looking to re-book for next year so if you are interested in joining one of our weeks next year please give us a call!  406-222-7130.

Back to back beasts! Senior Flood does it again this time with a big "blue back"

During our second hosted week the Bay of Pigs got red hot.  Despite steady winds and gusts in the 60 – 100 kph range (37 – 62 mph) the fish were stacked up and feeding heavily.  Everyone who was willing to stick with it caught a bunch of fish, most all of them over 10 pounds and amazing fighters.

Sitting down on the job again? George with a fat 16 pounder...