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Kyle Travis with a bay of pigs dime piece... Photo: Jedwards

Our third group has just returned from Jurassic Lake Lodge.  Although they faced some challenging conditions such as low water in the river and ripping 50-60 mph winds, everyone on the trip caught the biggest rainbow of their lives.  Which goes to show how amazing this place really is.  Even when the fishing is “difficult” it still produces some phenomenal fish.  We can’t think of anywhere else in the world quite like it, which is why we continue to go back year after year.  As Josh Edwards, the host of our third trip noted, “Jurassic Lake was one of the most unique fisheries I’ve ever experienced.  The days seemed more like saltwater fishing in the surf than trout fishing a lake.”  And at times these huge, chrome rainbows seem more like salmon or steelhead than trout.

Jed cracks another tall boy near the boca, this one into the backing twice! Photo: Kyle Travis
Kyle with a killer river fish. Photo: MT Jed

Next year we are lucky to have booked two back-to-back weeks at Jurassic Lake Lodge during prime time dates.  We are more likely to see higher water levels in the Barrancoso river next year since it is earlier in their season.  (It would be similar to booking a trip to Montana during early July rather than Late July or August).  In the past we have always wanted to get earlier weeks but they have always been full.  In order the “share the love” next year Logan Brown will be hosting week 1 (December 14th – December 24th / fishing days 12/16-12/22) and Josh Green (J.G.) will be hosting week 2 (December 28 – January 7th / fishing days 12/30 – 1/5).  The second week is separated by a small Christmas break for the staff, which means the boca (inlet) will have been rested for several days in a row and will be ready for someone on week 2 to catch the big one upon arrival.  We already have a few spots sold for each week, so if you would like to ensure a spot on this bucket list trip a $1000 deposit will do it.  Please check out our Jurassic Lake travel page for more info or give us a call anytime.  We have been booking trips to Jurassic Lake for over 5 years now, (one hosted trip to Laguna Verde and 4 to Jurassic Lake Lodge).  Wether you would like to go with us or are heading there on your own, we are happy to talk about the proper gear, tackle, flies, and techniques that will help you land the biggest rainbow of your life.  406-222-7130.

Big fish, little river... Jed finds a nice one above the Barrancoso's aquarium pool