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Mike Warnick hooked up to a fine specimen! Photo: James Anderson

It seems the local and private lakes in our area have taken a turn – for the better this week!  With cooler temps through the rest of the Fall we expect to see more fish cruising the edges rather than hanging in deep, uncharted waters.  To top it off, most all of the fishing has been site fishing!  The guides we book have incredible eyes for spotting fish and will be able to put you in line with a big brown or rainbow.  Surprisingly there are still some callibaetis on the water, although the hatch has drastically thinned down.  Rubberlegs, bead head nymphs, damsel nymphs, scuds, and water boatman patterns have all been killer at fooling bigger fish.  On occasion, (the clouds help) these bigger fish will slip up and eat a leech or bugger too, but smaller sizes (6-8) are out-fishing bigger streamers.  Give us a call if you’d like to book a guide or a lake and we can hook you up!  406-222-7130.

Jeff Carder living large! Photo: James Anderson
buttery... Photo: James Anderson
Robert Kovich with a big Brookie! Photo: PB
KT with the fish, JG with the photo!