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SKOW! - On the swing... Photo: James Anderson
Hoov rocking the Flutter Bug! Photo: James Anderson

If you are looking to float the Yellowstone and chase the salmonflies you’ll want to get out there soon – as in this weekend could be it… Yesterday we saw a few stragglers still hanging out in the willows below Carbella, but there were a lot more shucks than live bugs.  Most of the bugs have already headed up through Yankee Jim and into even into the Park.  The fishing has been nothing short of fantastic.  Two techniques have been working really well, one is to throw your dry in tight to the willows or deep undercut banks and try to hit a difficult spot that most anglers haven’t been able to hit yet.  The other technique has been to fish your dry significantly off the bank, (8-15 feet) and try to get as long a drift as possible.  At this point your best chance of running into salmonflies, goldenstones, sallies, and tons of caddis will be above the canyon.  The fish aren’t especially huge up there but they are especially willing to eat the dry fly.  Above the canyon also has a good mix of browns, cutthroat, and rainbow trout.  As the bugs continue to go up river into the Park we’ll leave the boats behind and dive into our “hike and strike” season.  The fishing inside Yellowstone Park is some of the best wade fishing in the country.  Give us a call as you won’t want to miss out on this fishing phenomenon.  406-222-7130.

Another big one, and this time Mrs. Dunn done it! Photo: Bob Bergquist
Mike Donaldson and Jed with a dark brownie. Photo: Paul Vais
Julia Vais with a nice cut-bow... Photo: Paul Vais