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Paulson with a nice brown to the boat... Photo: Jeff Blatter
Still some big waves/water down low...

If you are looking to see salmonflies from the boat the next few days are likely your last chance.  The bulk of the big bugs are already up past the canyon and heading into the park.  Still, the dry fly fishing has been good up high, even below Yankee Jim canyon.  Sallies, caddis, and general attractor pattens can be highly effective behind the hatch, if you are above Yankee Jim then you should be fishing salmonflies and goldenstones.  The fish above Yankee Jim are typically smaller however, so keep in mind a 16″ fish up there is like a 20″ in the valley.  Yesterday’s mud plug has gone through and is well past Big Timber, leaving 2 feet of vis or more through the valley.  One other thing to keep in mind is that the annual “Booze Cruise” boat float starts today (all kinds of contraptions putting in at Mayor’s Landing today) and will keep floating a few days to Reed Point.  Fishing down low right now can be very dangerous with wicked hydraulics, nasty whirl pools, and big wave trains… which means rafts or experts only.

Skip Herman with a nice brown above Yankee Jim