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Before and After shots... Outfitter Hank Bechard and Pres Hales at it again! Photo: Stan Hales
Ivy Scricco representing Boston in a big way! Photo: Hank Bechard

Seems like the best fishing this week has been right through town.  There’s been a fair amount of moss breaking off up high (from Carbella down to Pine Creek) which has made throwing nymphs and streamers a little more challenging.  So long as you stick with dries however, the fishing up high and mid-valley has been good, not great.  Seems like the real key is to be one of the first few boats down the bank, so you might want to inquire with your shuttle driver if the section you are choosing has seen many boats yet.   Definitely pays to be the “engine” rather than the “caboose” these days.   Try a combination of stonefly adults, small hoppers, and size #14-16 attractor, ants, the Blart’s “bridle maid” and other small terrestrials up high.  From Pine Creek down, rubber leg nymphs as well as smaller #16-20 beadheads have been the ticket for targeting trout.  Below 89 has been exceptionally inconsistent this year, but if you are looking for a hog brown this is probably still your best bet, just be aware this plan can result in either a home run or a strike out… If you decide to swing for the fences, just stick with it and fish hard all day with confidence that your fly will eventually get sucked in by a big brown…  (There’s a good chance it will), so be ready when it does!