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Tom Robbertson with a solid brown. Photo: Josh Edwards

With great anticipation, people have been asking about the Mother’s Day Caddis hatch but we have not seen any dries yet. There have been some blue wings on the water, (especially last weekend). Water temps have hit 52 degrees already, so we are expecting the hatch to pop soon. The streamer action has been a little slower than we’d like but a few nice fish have made it to the boat. With warmer weather on the way the Yellowstone could be in and out of clarity the next couple of weeks. If the river blow out for a while, the spring creeks have been fishing well and are a great option as well. Give us a call anytime for a clarity report or to book a trip! 406-222-7130.

Clarity today (Tuesday 4/27)
Bob Lonac getting the Burky bent to the cork on DePuy’s… Photo Josh Edwards
CFS: 2,150 (today 4/27)