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"Double Haul" Paul putting the sex dungeon where it needs to be... Photo: Matt Carara
Josh Westheimer with a nice Armstrong's Brown. Photo: Marcus McGuire

Looks like about 1-2 inches of visibility in town today.  If you’re up for a drive you can beat it by going below Big Timber.  It’s a little early to tell since the canyon in still in the shade, but judging by the color of the wave, way up high looks like at least 2 feet of vis.  Check out the webcam once the sun gets higher.  We had a couple guide trips go out today up high who called back with good clarity reports.  The rest of the week and this weekend should be fine as far as rain goes (only 20% chance Friday and Sat)… Hoppers are already working on the stone, as are streamers, rubber legs, beadheads, and chubbies, ect. The Paradise Valley spring creeks have also been fishing well lately.  PMD’s have been the main hatch, although midge larva have been catching a lot of fish this week, especially in green.  Sulphurs have been coming off in the evening (in general from 5:00 on) and the fish have been keying in on them consistently.  Part of it might because most anglers call it quits around 5:00, but if the wind isn’t blowing and you can make late dinner reservations, consider staying out as late as possible.