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About a size #10-12 nocturnal stone from the lower Yellowstone

We’ve been lucky enough to float a few times after work lately.  One night we did well through town on pink hoppers and caddis droppers.  Broke off a couple fat ones on the streamer.  Olive and black were getting the action.  The last couple nights, just after sunset we’ve witnessed some vicious strikes – the kind that make you wonder if that was a fish or a beaver!  “Hmm… midnight stones.”  If you’ve ever seen, (or tried to catch) a midnight stone, then you know how fast these suckers can be.  The water doesn’t slow them down much either, they look like flying lizards running across the water.  No wonder anything size 10-12 and black was working well.  We’ve been fishing Doug’s Fat Boy, a size #12 Black and Tan Chubby, and Paulson’s Tick in the two middle sizes.  Prepare on seeing these bugs after 8:00PM, or hiding under rocks during the day.  Plan on bringing your traveling sedge game and twitch towards the bank wherever possible.

Brian Pape With a Nice Yellowstone River Evening Brown That Ate a Nocturnal Stone Dry While Fishing With Guide Steve Galletta