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West Chanel of 9th St. Island in town today (6/16 7:40AM) Clarity 3-4"

The Yellowstone isn’t quite ready yet.  We are not recommending over the Madison and Missouri as they are fishing better (with salmonflies and PMD’s respectively).  We do think the Yellowstone will clear before July 1st now however, when exactly is it worth floating will be hard to say and up the the individual rowing.  We do caution anyone who is floating early to watch out for nasty hydraulics, sweepers, or random floating logs.  Experts only and even then floating the stone with flows over 10,000 CFS can be dangerous.  One final spike from tonights rain and then the Stone looks like it will be on the drop… give us a call to book a trip as soon as the Yellowstone turns a little more green she sill be fishing well and you won’t want to miss out on the early season easy pickings.  1-406-222-7130.

East channel, 9th Street Island today (6/16 7:30AM) 4-5 inches of vis
Clarity at 9th St. Island (6/16 7:30AM) - tempting but Madison still looking much better
One final bump and then on the drop...