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TJ Yarema and Guide Brian Sienkowski with a pig... Photo: Lisa Yarema
Brian and Lisa with a nice Yellowstone Brown (before the mud arrived). Photo: TJ Yarema

The Yellowstone is still muddy and recovering from both a slide on the Gardiner as well as a slide from the Yellowstone itself.  The river is clearing above Yankee Jim and should be fishable tomorrow, and as long as we don’t get more rain up in the park the next two nights, we’ll be good to go for sure by Wednesday.  Unfortunately we’ve had lots of mud the last couple days, so you won’t be able to “beat” the mud by floating way down low this time.  Other solid options right now include private lakes, (see photo above), the Upper Madison, the spring creeks, hiking inside Yellowstone National Park, and rafting the Boulder or Stillwater…