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10-year-old Annie Jones and her father Riche with a hog rainbow. Annie caught it on a black wooly bugger!

Now that the Yellowstone is finally in good shape the local and private lakes have finally started to come back strong. During the month of July there was a lot of pressure on many of these lakes, with anglers on them almost everyday.  Now that the fishing pressure has slowed down the fish are back to feeding on callibaetis, damsels, big sedges, lake midges, scuds, and leeches.  Very soon we will start fishing hoppers on the lakes, which make for excellent (and edible) strike indicators.  Twitching your hopper every now and then can be a deadly technique out there…

If you are looking for some fat fish, give us a call and enquire about the private lakes we book.  406-222-7130.