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RIO Products

September 19th, 2022

No matter what type of angler you are, from a beginning fisherman looking to explore local creeks to a seasoned angler heading out to saltwater, Rio has the perfect line for you. Read below to learn about all the kinds of Rio fly line that we carry here at Yellowstone Angler, and shop for your next line today!

Fly line is not a one-size-fits-all tool, but rather depends on the type of fly fishing you love to do. For trout fishermen using traditional casting methods, the plethora of trout fly line models from Rio are the highest standard for casting distance and feel when fighting even the most robust of freshwater beauties. Additionally, for anglers who love spey casting for salmon and steelhead on larger water, Rio lines are carefully crafted out of the highest quality materials, ensuring that you will throw the most arcing loops with perfect precision. Check out all the freshwater fly line Rio makes from the Yellowstone Angler Online Shop.

Saltwater fly fishing, a passion shared by so many adventurous anglers, presents unique challenges for preserving equipment. Saltwater is corrosive, meaning that it can have damaging effects on equipment that is not properly designed. That’s why Rio makes saltwater fly lines with coating to protect against the ravaging effects of the water that trophy fish like tarpon and bonefish call home. Browse their wide selection of quality saltwater line at the Yellowstone Angler Online Shop, and be prepared for your next saltwater fly fishing adventure.