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September 19th, 2022
A common experience that many anglers share is the dreaded feeling of icy river water soaking through their waders, turning a perfect day on the water into an uncomfortable slog. With the high quality waders produced by Patagonia, you can stay cool and dry in even the most raging of rivers.
Patagonia is a brand famed for their prowess as a leading outdoor equipment brand on the planet; their proven quality most certainly extends to the wades they produce. The Swiftcurrent model, which is available in both wading pants and full waders in both mens and womens fits at the Yellowstone Angler Online Store, stays true to Patagonia’s longstanding tradition of quality. These waders are the most fully-equipped of those made by Patagonia, and include an interior waterproof pouch and quick-release suspenders for conversion to waist height with ease. And when even the most frigid of temperatures won’t keep you from the water, the interior hand-warming pockets with zip flaps will keep you comfortable and nimble-fingered all day. Check out what makes these waders so loved at the Yellowstone Angler Online Shop.
Patagonia is a company that is intrinsically tied to conservation. In line with their goal to be as eco-friendly as possible, the Swiftcurrent waders and wading pants, like 87% of Patagonia products, are made from recycled materials. Patagonia is intently focused on keeping our rivers and planet healthy and clean for future generations; the materials of these waders are just one small part of this grand project. This is all done without the slightest compromise of quality, of course; Swiftcurrent waders are made with Patagonia’s H2NO performance standard, ensuring they are water-tight. Head to the Yellowstone Angler Online Store to check them out today.