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Simms Waders

Made by anglers, for anglers in Bozeman Montana since 1980, waders offered by Simms are trusted by fishermen all over the country and the world. As the most popular brand among fishing guides, Simms waders feature the highest quality and most breathable materials on the market today. The G3 and G4 models from Simms include GORE-TEX technology, an innovative design that repels liquid water while allowing water vapor to pass through, keeping you simultaneously cool and dry. These models are also built with Simms’s patented front-and-back seams, allowing you mobility not offered by other manufactures; and with gravel guards, you can be sure your waders are resistant to tears from everyday hazards on the water. Other invaluable additions to these models include neoprene stocking feet with antimicrobial finish, a chest-zipper for easy on/off, zippered and micro-fleece hand warmers for those frigid winter days, and compression-modeled booties to ensure you’re getting the best possible fit. Without a quality pair of waders, a day on the water can quickly turn from a fulfilling day of interaction with nature to a miserable slog of sweat and discomfort; with G3 and G4 waders built by Simms, these problems can be a worry of the past. Stay cool and nimble while traversing the most beautiful landscapes in America with Simms waders. Fly fishing is hard enough; with the best-on-the-market G3 and G4 waders from Simms, you can divert focus from discomfort to catching fish. Check out all the offerings on Yellowstone Anglers online shop and experience unparalleled comfort on the water.