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Airflo Streamer Shovelhead



Power Core – Power Core is Airflo’s specific technology that makes for a tough fly line. Not only does it increase the strength of your line to allow for fighting heavy fish without hesitation, but its solid construction also reduces stretch when strip-setting so that you can connect with confidence. Coming in two different grain weights (280gr and 330gr), this fly line has a black sinking head section and neutral-colored running lines of gray (280gr) and green (330gr).



Large Streamers – Kelly designed this fly line specifically for freshwater streamer fishing, and not just any streamers, those large, bulky flies that you might think are impossible to cast without a 10wt rod… but thanks to Kelly and his Shovel Head Fast Sinking Fly Line, you can leave the 10wt at home. While this fly line will let you present a size 8 Wooly Bugger just fine, it really shines when fishing things like a massive Zoo Cougar or Butt Monkey in a deep, fast run that you know holds a trophy fish.



Cold/Moderate – Made for cold to moderate temperatures, Airflo’s Kelly Galloup Shovel Head Fast Sinking Fly Line is the perfect choice for cold freshwater environments. With an upper limit around 70 degrees, this isn’t a fly line that you can expect to bring into warm water areas or else you’ll notice it begin to get limp.



More Mass Toward the Front of the Head – With Airflo’s Shovel Head Fast Sinking Fly Line, Kelly designed a taper that has extra weight that’s pushed to the front of the line. This gives power and increases the load of your rod while allowing you to cast large and heavy streamers without it feeling clunky or forcing you to switch to a heavy weight rod. It also assists when fishing out of a boat or when you need a fast recast to the brown that follows your fly to your feet and turns away. A well-designed but complex taper with grain weights that make for fast sinking, this line has a 70ft running line, a 5ft transitional rear taper, a 16ft belly, and a 3ft front taper that increases to a 6ft front tip. You can think of this taper as the ultimate choice whenever you’re following Kelly’s lead and fishing large flies for large fish.


An innovative fly line design that makes throwing large, obnoxious streamers as easy as can be, Airflo’s Kelly Galloup Shovel Head Fast Sinking Fly Line is the perfect choice when you’re chucking big streamer tight to the bank or through fast runs. Taking a well-thought-out approach to its creation, the Kelly Galloup Shovel Head Fast Sinking Fly Line lets you throw an 8-inch fly without busting out the 8wt rod, and even better, its heavy sink tip lets you fish neutrally buoyant streamers as deep as you like. A true streamer fly line, you can count on the Shovel Head Fast Sinking Fly Line to increase your streamer success whether you’re on Kelly’s home waters of the Madison River or punching hefty hollow fleyes on the Allegheny.

Line Size

280gr, 330 gr.