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An Alaska Flyfisher’s Odyssey by Daniel P. Hoffman


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If you’re ready to live as a diehard fly fisherman in the land of the midnight sun, you’d better be prepared to weather several long months of midnight. Set against the backdrop of a life spent in the latitudes of the Far North, follow the author as he casts about in search of arctic grayling, rainbow trout, and the ultimate truths in life. The author’s existential pursuit of a “drag-free drift” borrows from the analogous concept in fly fishing, where one’s line is mended as necessary to facilitate the fly’s natural flow with the current. This book is targeted primarily towards the North American fly fisherman, and those around the world interested in experiencing the wilds of Alaska. (See the following market analysis for additional audience members, as well as the potential for crossover appeal to other genres.)

About the Author

Born and bred as a young fly fisherman in the mountains of Colorado, author Daniel Hoffman moved to Alaska with his family when he was twelve years old. Over the course of the following 45 years, Daniel has fished extensively throughout the latitudes of the Far North. Working as a lodge staffer, then as a fishing guide in the remote, fly-out lodges of Bristol Bay’s Katmai region, Daniel put himself through school as he obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Wildlife Biology from the University of Alaska-Fairbanks.  Ultimately transitioning to a career as a peace officer, Dan eventually retired as Chief of Police for the City of Fairbanks. He then spent the following decade supervising corporate risk and security functions in the private sector before leaving to start his own consultancy business, addressing organizational risk management, crisis preparations, and emergency communications.

Remaining in Fairbanks as a nearly lifelong Alaskan with his wife Gwendolyn, Daniel has tailored the delivery of his planning and preparatory service to address the needs of Alaska-based businesses; he particularly enjoys serving facilities based in remote locations, far from emergency response resources.

When he’s not fishing, writing, or engaged in other work, Daniel enjoys public speaking, addressing business groups and discussing the challenges inherent in developing sound risk management practices, crisis management plans and procedures, and topics associated with leadership development and personal growth.  Reflecting the principles in this book, Dan tends to deliver his presentations within the framework of the flyfisher’s perspective, ideally suited for corporate retreats at fishing-related venues.  For those interested in contacting Daniel, visit Hoffman Consulting at: