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Anglers Image Tippet Rings

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A great way to connect tippet with large diameter differences


Anglers ImageĀ® Tippet Rings allow the angler to simply knot the tippet end of their leader to the ring (using their favorite knot). Unlike a blood knot or a double surgeonsā€™ knot, the use of a tippet ring allows the angler to connect a tippet that is significantly different in diameter than the end of the leader.

For example, it is difficult to connect a 3X leader to a 7X tippet via a knot, but, with the use of a tippet ring, it is possible. The advantage to the angler is that they can rapidly change tippet diameters without the need to drastically rebuild or restructure their leader.

*Available in Black Nickel*


Variety pack (all 3), Small, Medium, Large