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Beginner Fly Fishing Outfit


Everything a beginning angler needs to get started.  We can set you up so you are ready to hit the water as soon as the box hits your door.


With all the media hype about today’s latest and greatest fly fishing gear, we thought that it was time to highlight some quality gear that’s available to the angler who wants to get a great start in the sport without breaking the bank.

The Beginner Fly Fishing Outfit has just about everything that you’ll need to get started. We chose the Echo Lift as the rod for this package, it’s got a great action that bends deeply into the blank providing a lot of power for making long casts. It also has a soft enough tip to cast at close targets without spooking them.

The Lift is not going to punish casting mistakes and is ideal for growing as a caster. The best part, it’s only $99.95! We’ve paired the Lift with the Lamson Liquid reel. A nice entry-level reel that will hold plenty of backing for those hot fish. It’s a lightweight cast aluminum reel that has a conical drag system that offers a great blend of fish fighting power and cost-efficiency. The line that we’ve chosen is by Scientific Angler’s, its the Boost taper that is made a half line size heavy to help load the rod and cast large flies easily.

It floats high and dry and makes for a great all-purpose line. We’ll add on a leader, backing, and Rig it all up for you as well!  Also included in the package are some essentials you’ll need to get started and a great knot-tying reference book. Now, get out there and fish!

Outfit Breakdown

Echo Lift 9’#5 | $99.95

Lamson Liquid -5+ | $109.95

S.A. Boost WF5F  | $49.95

Gink Flotant | $4.95

Dr. Slick Eco Clamp | $12.00

Nippers | $6.00

Thingamabobber | $1.40

Water Gremlin split shot | $2.95

3-Pk Rio leaders (3x) | $11.95

Dozen assorted flies | $29.50

Knot tying handbook | $6.95

100 yds backing | $9.95

Rigging | $10.00

Subtotal | $355.50

Free rigging | <$10.00>

Grand Total | $345.50

Flies included are :
Black wooly bugger
Olive wooly bugger
Natural zonker
White zonker
(2) Copper John
(2) Pat’s Rubber Legs
(2) Adam’s
(2) Hoppers/Chubbies

Retrieve Options

Left Hand retrieve, Right Hand retrieve