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Best Buy 4 Weight Outfit


Best Buy 4 Weight Outfit


The Orvis Clearwater 8’6” #4 was a rod that all of us here at the shop enjoyed during our 2019 4wt Shootout,  It’s a great bang for your buck! The Clearwater is an incredibly light and fun rod to fish. Great when delicate presentation and accuracy is a must. Using the Scientific Anglers Mastery MPX line really help bring out the potential of this fly rod. The half a size heavy on the MPX fly line helps load the Aetos up quickly and efficiently getting your flies on target quickly and accurately. We’ve paired the Clearwater with the Orvis Battenkill II disk drag reel. It’s the perfect balance both on the rod and performance as well as on your wallet.


Orvis Clearwater 8’6” #4 | $198.00

Orvis Battenkill Disk Drag II | $159.00

S.A. Mastery MPX WF4F | $79.95

100 Yards, Cortland 20lb Backing | $10.00

Rigging | $10.00

Hand Tied Trout Leader | $6.95

Subtotal | $465.85

Line Discount | <$40.00>

Free Rigging | <$10.00>

Grand Total | $415.85

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