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Buff Neckwear

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The lightweight piece that can be worn 12+ ways on sunny days when UPF 50* recycled REPREVEĀ® fabric protection with cooling technology performance is necessary.


Coolnet UV Fishcamp Elk Camo, Coolnet UV Fishcamp Muskie, Coolnet UV Fishcamp Tarpon, CoolNet UV+ Bonefish Grey, Coolnet UV+ DeYoung Brown, Coolnet UV+ DeYoung Emigrant Risers, Coolnet UV+ DeYoung Tarpon, CoolNet UV+ Ether Graphite, CoolNet UV+ Grey Net, Coolnet UV+ Insect Shield Camo Blue, CoolNet UV+ Insect Shield Hatch Sand, CoolNet UV+ Insect Shield Solid Eclipse Blue, Coolnet UV+ Insect Shield Violet, CoolNet UV+ Montana, CoolNet UV+ Mossy Oak Break-up Country, Coolnet UV+ Mossy Oak Elements Agua Navy, Coolnet UV+ RealTree Black, Coolnet UV+ RealTree XTRA, CoolNet UV+ Saltwater Gamefish, CoolNet UV+ Santana Teal, CoolNet UV+ Sedona Grey, CoolNet UV+ Solid Military, CoolNet UV+ Speckle Black, Coolnet UV+ Stone Blue, Coolnet UV+ Tarpon Scales, Coolnet UV+ Waves, Original Ash, Original Grey Cosmos, Original Rose, Original Serra Mauve