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Designing Trout Flies by Gary A. Borger


Mint condition. Hard cover. First printing.


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Designing Trout Flies is a refreshingly new, idea book overflowing with practical information to help you recognize that “just right fly”– for both opportunistically and selectively feeding trout. In addition to a thorough discussion of the primary and secondary triggering characteristics of each of the fish’s food organisms, Gary presents stimulating and highly informed discussions on material selection, tying procedures, and design concepts. The detailed descriptions, region by region, of the most used sizes and colors of flies to match the fish’s food organisms are an invaluable amid to tying or buying the most effective imitations. The many illustrative anecdotes– drawn from Gary’s 35 years of fly fishing – not only make the book fun to read but highly instructional as well. All of this in the clear, precise language that is Gary’s trademark. Complementing and thoroughly illustrating the comprehensive text are 230 beautifully detailed drawings by Jason Borger. Sixteen pages of full colo photos show the flies in larger than life size. The carefully designed layout and extensive index make access to the contents swift and simple.


I f you buy flies, you’ll find the information in this book an invaluable aid to selecting and fishing effective patterns. If you ties flies, you’ll additionally delight in the wealth of “why-to” and “how-to” informations on Gary’s highly successful, seminal fly designs, his uniquely innovative tying tactics, and his speed tying tips.