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Douglas Outdoors Argus


One of the finest sounding reels on the market.


A fine-looking Click-Check reel that puts you and the fish you’re after on a more even playing field. For someone who can appreciate the timeless tradition of a good click check reel the search is over, the Argus by Douglas Outdoors is the best example we’ve seen come off the press in a while. The Argus produces a really fine sound, maybe one of the best that we’ve heard. It’s audible but not aggressive letting everyone know that you’ve got a fish on!!! The click check drag offers basic adjustments and is enough to keep the spool from overrunning and to keep tension on the fish while fighting them in.

The larger sizes make great switch and spey reels while the smaller sizes are great for your trout rods.

On one hand, it is a beautiful reel, and on the other, there is no undue advantage given to the angler.

Made in upstate New York, USA
Machined bar stock 6061 aircraft aluminum
Standard arbor
Reversible click check with rim positioned adjustment
Marine brass reel foot
Type 2 anodized
Laser textured palming rim
Drawstring chino twill fleeced lined reel bag

Recommended use:
When you want a reel with that perfect sound and classic style.

Retrieve Options

Left Hand retrieve, Right Hand retrieve



Reel Size

2 3/4 (0-3 wts.), 3 (3-4 wts.), 3 1/2 (6-8 wts.), 3 1/4 (5-6 wts.), 3 3/4 (7-9 wts.)

Backing Options

Cortland 20 lb. 100 yds., Cortland 20 lb. 200 yds., Cortland 30 lb. 100 yds., Cortland 30 lb. 200 yds., Cortland 80 lb. 100 yds., Cortland 80 lb. 200 yds., Hatch 68 lb. 100 yds., Hatch 68 lb. 200 yds.