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Douglas Outdoors DXF Switch Fly Rod

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One of our favorite switch rods


The DXF Switch rods are the perfect rod for throwing anything from small soft hackle wet flies to large streamers.

It’s a great trout Spey in the 4 and 5wt renditions. It’s a wonderful rod for exploring new fishing opportunities on rivers great and small. The 6, 7, and 8wts are great for nymphing out of boats and swinging flies for steelhead and salmon as well.

They flex deeply but have lots of muscle that help to make even the greenest angler look like a pro whether you’re casting Spey style or overhead.

Try out the 4wt with a 280-300 gr. head, it makes a great trout “spey” set up. The 7wt does great for larger fish with a 420-500gr head.

Rod Length & Weight

10'6" #4, 10'6" #5, 10'6" #6, 11'6" #7, 11'6" #8