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Echo Carbon XL Fly Rod

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Echo Carbon XL is our 2021 pick for the best inexpensive 6-Weight!!!


The Echo Carbon XL is designed for anglers of all skill levels who need a well-rounded rod for a variety of fishing applications. The Carbon XL features a moderate action that excels at everything from dry fly fishing to nymphing and even light streamers without ever feeling heavy or sluggish.  The Carbon XL series looks and feels like a rod that should be selling for twice its price!


  • Four-piece travel design
  • Action:  Med Fast
  • Tube:  Fabric-covered rod case & sock
  • Guides: Lightweight ceramic stripping guides
  • Grips:  Features two grip styles

Rod Length & Weight

7'3" #2, 7'6" #3, 8'4" #4, 9' #4, 9' #5, 9' #6