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Einarsson Invictus Reels

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The best drag on the market


Imagine that you are on the riverbank, casting to a fish, shivering in readiness for the strike. Suddenly you can feel your line stretching, your rod bends and the energy from the fish surges through your tackle. You are into the fight and as the synapses fire off in your brain the pleasure which every fly angler knows so well consumes you, holding you transfixed in the moment. Unless… You are snapped back to reality as the line breaks or the hook pulls out!

This is where Einarsson’s revolutionary and patented drag system comes into play. The drag system reduces the required start-up inertia by overcoming the breakaway friction. As the reel’s spool begins to spin the S.A.B. (shock-absorbing brake) drastically reduces both the shock on your terminal tackle and a brief moment when the line doesn’t want to come off the spool. This smoother delivery translates into more control at the take and during sudden strong runs.

Let’s wind back and look at the physics. When the fish pulls out line the fly rod bends and what actually happens is that the line, leader and rod are storing this energy. Modern fly reels then convert this stored energy from the fish into heat at the brake system, always with a measurable spike in brake away friction. The technical revelation ‘Einarsson Fly Fishing’ is presenting to the fly fishing world has the ability to store part of the fish-generated energy in the reel system by using a spring between the spool and reel’s frame. For the first time ever brake away friction is actually zero, it’s like your shock tippet is actually built into the reel.

The new brake system ensures that the transition in the brake system is softer* compared to leading brands in the reel market. The system will level out shockwaves during a take or fight, such as those from jumping and head shaking of the fish. This invention allows you to experience more pleasure, through the use of lighter tackle, less snapped leaders and surely more landed fish.


Black (reel)

Retrieve Options

Left Hand retrieve, Right Hand retrieve

Reel Size

Invictus #10, Invictus #6, Invictus #8

Backing Options

Cortland 20 lb. 100 yds., Cortland 20 lb. 200 yds., Cortland 30 lb. 100 yds., Cortland 30 lb. 200 yds., Cortland 80 lb. 100 yds., Cortland 80 lb. 200 yds., Hatch 68 lb. 100 yds., Hatch 68 lb. 200 yds., No backing