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Fly Fish TV: High Sticking and Reading the Water with Kelly Galloup

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Kelly Galloup is a great instructor. In this 90-minute video he gives you detailed demonstrations on how to high stick nymphs. He dissects the river and clearly explains where and how to fish a variety of water types. Learn both tight-line and indicator tactics, along with tips on rigging.

Four days of angling and instruction are condensed into this info-filled adventure. You’ll see some nice fish along the way but more importantly you’ll discover how to nymph fish with a high rod. As Kelly says. “It’s all about a good drift,” and High Sticking will improve your drift.

Fly placement is critical in you nymphing system, and Kelly explains where to place which type of fly on your leader. He shows a variety of nymphs and points out those intended to go close to or further from your weight. You’ll also see the details on the “High Stick Drifter” he designed for St. Croix Rods.