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Fly Tying Methods by Darrel Martin


First edition 1987. Great condition, some damage on dust jacket otherwise near mint.

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From the dust jacket:

“This major new fly-tying book is bound to become one of the most discussed–and used– books available to serious tyers everywhere.

Fly Tying Methods presents, with scope and precision, a discussion of the best tools and materials for the serious fly tyer– including the most subtle analyses of hooks, hackle, furs, and color ever in one book. Then there are chapters on the incests and plants of concern to the serious fly fisher, tying theory, and presentations of the best methods, including thread work, making Weaves and Wraps, Fur Bodies, Double Split Winds, Dubbing, The Float Pod, use of the Parachute Gallows, and much more. In addition, there are probing thoughts on filed and hand tying and an extensive fly fisher’s lexicon.

Fly Tying Methods is as practical as it is pioneering. Through hundreds of clear and precise drawings and photographs, the book teaches how to think about tying, how best to accomplish the fly tyer’s goals, and how to study the arts related to fly tying. It looks as a representative group of important (and sometimes new) patterns of international scope, such as the Funneldun, the Micro-Caddis, the Lumini, the Reed Smut, and the Vermicular.

This remarkable, full, and challenging book is for all serious fly tyers.”