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Fool Hen Blues by E. Donnall Thomas Jr




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Don Thomas’s writing is superb: full of humor, affection, knowledge, and brilliant descriptive passages. Consider the following, from a chapter on hunting sharptail grouse: “One minute I am alone with the dog and the silence, and then a roll of thunder rises from the grass, all wingbeats and the rich, throaty chuckle that fixes the sharptail’s identity at once for the experienced prairie gunner.”Fool Hen Blues is, in the end, a warm tribute to Labs, which Thomas loves for their enthusiasm, tolerance, marking ability, and courage in heavy cover.


From the back cover:

“You will tell me that I am a lucky guy because I have managed to live my life in remote places where the hunting is good and the pheasants are wild…I will then tell you that it really isn’t lucky at all, that anyone can do it with a proper ordering of their priorities. Then you will say that I have got to be kidding, that no responsible person would really forsake career and money and cultural amenities just to live in places where are wild birds. And I will say: ‘Wanna bet?'”