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Hand Tied Bonefish Leaders designed by George Anderson

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George Anderson Bonefish Leaders


Once you try our bonefish leaders, it will be tough to go back to what you have used in the past!
Designed by George Anderson, these leaders will turn over in the hardest winds and deliver the most accurate, delicate presentations.

After years of testing, George dialed in the formula using Mason’s Hard Nylon for the butt and mid sections and the highest quality Seaguar fluorocarbon tippet available. We tie these leaders right here in our shop to insure perfection and strength. The final two sections are tied in with a Stu Apte improved blood knot that gives nearly 100% knot strength.

If you do break off, you will usually break off at your fly, and not lose the whole tippet. Our Bonefish leaders are 12 feet in length, with a final tippet of 30 inches, this gives you the best chance to catch even the wariest bones.

These Leaders are also great for anglers heading to Jurassic Lake, Salmon, and Steelhead Anglers.

Try them against any knotless option and you’ll see why people love these leaders.