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Hardy Zephrus – Fresh and All Water Series

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Hardy Zephrus 9′ #7 AWS on Sale.  Streamers, bass or light steelhead.  Get it today.  One left in stock.

$729.00 $550.00

Whether it’s six feet or sixty-six, when your target is to hit a moving shadow dead center between the eyes with a weightless piece of fluff, accuracy starts to take on a whole new meaning. Zephrus, with SINTRIX® 440 technology, combines the featherweight touch and line feel required to fool a midge feeder under the rod tip, with the power to hit a slab rainbow at full range. Thanks to advanced design, industry-leading materials and, above all, a passion for creating the finest high-performance fly fishing tools available, all you need do is fire and don’t forget to strike.

Rod Length & Weight

9' #7