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Hatch Outdoors – Iconic Fly Reel


New for 2021!!! Introducing the Hatch Outdoors Iconic.


Introducing the brand new Hatch Outdoors Iconic reel!!

NEW LOOK – The Iconic Reel retains the now “Iconic” Hatch window pattern with 6 fins, recalling the original Finatic model.

MACHINED REEL SEAT – Hatch was the first and now one of the only reel manufacturers t make the reel body out of one piece.  This means there is no way for the reel seat to loosen or zero corrosion.

NEW SPOOL DESIGN – Spools on the new Iconic are now ported allowing for quicker dry times on lines and backing.  Mid-Arbor reels now feature aesthetic holes making it easier to distinguish between large and mid arbor reels.

MID OR LARGE ARBOR – We’ve found 90% of our customers prefer the large arbor spools over the mid arbor variation.  The larger arbor makes the reel lighter and allows you to reel line in faster.  A mid arbor is a good idea whenever you are looking for the maximum backing capacity as the mid arbor holds more backing than the larger arbor.

NEW HANDLE/COUNTERWEIGHT – Hatch’s new handle design significantly reduces the risk of galvanic corrosion.  They retained the aluminum handle but with a slightly “softer” look and feel.

IMPROVED SEALING AND STABILITY –  Through improved design and concentricity, Hatch has increased sealing by eliminating water entry points.  Past Finatic models had superfluous components, occasionally allowing water inside the drag system but Hatch has addressed this with their new Iconic reels.



Black/Silver, Clear/Blue, Clear/Red, Gray/Black, Campfire Orange


11+ Large Arbor, 11+ Mid Arbor, 3+, 3+ Large Arbor, 4+, 5+ Large Arbor, 5+ Mid Arbor, 7+ Large Arbor, 7+ Mid Arbor, 9+ Large Arbor, 9+ Mid Arbor