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LL Bean Fly Fishing Guide by Dave Whitlock


The perfect guide to fly fishing, written by our longtime friend, Dave Whitlock.


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Written by Dave as the textbook for the L. L. Bean Fly Fishing Schools, this book is by far the best we’ve found for anglers just getting started in fly fishing. This is the book we use as a text for our own fly fishing classes here in our shop.

In step-by-step, fully illustrated instructions, Dave gives us a tremendous wealth of information from the basics of casting and tackle selection to fish foods and entomology important to the angler. All the important questions you’ll ask while learning to fly fish are covered.

Reading this book is the best first step you can make toward a lifetime of fly fishing skills and pleasures. After teaching several fly fishing schools with Dave over the years, I can attest to his expertise and enthusiasm in teaching fly fishing techniques. All anglers, from beginners to experts will enjoy this book and get a lot out of it.

New chapters include saltwater fish species, ethics and sportsmanship, boats and float tubes. Full-color, 200 photos & illus.; 7×10 inches, 192 pgs.