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Loon Aquel

Consistent Viscosity no matter what Temperature!


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Consistent viscosity no matter what temperature! In recent years, this floatant has been by far the number one choice for outfitters and guides. The main reason being that its consistent viscosity changes little from hot to cold.

That means when you’re fishing a midge hatch in the middle of the winter you’ll never have to squeeze the bottle as hard as you can, only to get a tiny bit of hard floatant out. Or, when you are hopper fishing in the middle of August, and forget to re-cap your bottle, it won’t leak like water all over your vest!

Give it a try, we think you’ll appreciate using this product…

You’ll want to use this product on your flies when they are dry, straight out of your fly box. Once your fly has hit the water, you’re better off drying your fly off with Dry Shake or Frog’s Fanny and then re-applying Aquel. (And yes, you really should have both).