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Mclean M120 Folding Net W/Scale


Mclean M120 Folding Net W/Scale


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This wonderful net is designed and built in New Zealand, where they know a thing or two about big fish.

These collapsible nets can easily handle a double-digit trout but are able to break down to a small size that you can EASILY carry with you on long hikes, or in a gear bag while traveling. They are made out of lightweight heavy-duty aluminum, and are built to last!

You can also open this net with one hand, making you totally self-sufficient on the water. They feature a micro-mesh netting that is easy on the fish.

This particular model features a push-button extension that brings the handle length from 23″ to a 34″ handle for extra reach. Also, it has a very accurate scale built into the handle that weighs fish up to 14lb! Dimensions: Handle, telescopes from 23″ to 34″, Net opening is 21″x16″, and net depth is 19″.