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Mid Priced 12 Weight Outfit

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Big Power Little Price

$1,125.90 $1,080.90

If you’ve ever done anything around the saltwater you know that having quality well-built equipment is extremely important. You also know the gear that’s tough enough to stand up to the abuse of a saltwater environment is rarely inexpensive. In many cases, a grand will get you a rod OR a reel, not both. At the Yellowstone Angler we know the importance of having the best gear you can afford but also want our customers to feel confident that we’ve done the research and given them the best bang for their buck that the industry has to offer.

Orvis has revamped and revitalized the Recon Big Game series and it’s better than ever! Lighter and more durable than its predecessor, this rod really has everything you need. With the Recon you get great performance and quality for the price. This is also a great looking rod with its matte blue blank and charcoal and light blue accents. It has the same high-quality cork handle as we see on the Helios 3 rods and a saltwater safe solid aluminum reel seat.


Outfit Breakdown

Orvis Recon Big Game | $549.00

Galvan Rush 12 | $425.00

Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth Tarpon | $99.95

300 yds. 30 lb. Backing | $30.00

Hand Tied Tarpon Leader | $11.95

Rigging | $10.00

Subtotal | $1125.90

Line Discount | <$35.00>

Free Rigging | <$10.00>

Grand Total | $1080.90

Retrieve Options

Left Hand retrieve, Right Hand retrieve

Reel Color

Black (reel), Cear (reel), Green (reel)