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Mid Priced Trout Spey Outfit.

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Get the most out of your money

$1,085.87 $977.29

It’d be nice if we could all afford the best of the best. Reality is, most of us can’t. We actually work for a living and despite the want just can’t budget a complete outfit of premium gear. I think this is where the true value of our extensive rod tests come in to play.

We’ve found a set up for you that will perform with the best of them. The G.Loomis IMX PRO and Galvan Rush LT 8 have the quality, craftsmanship, and performance that you’re after and won’t break the bank.

The IMX PRO is a great new rod called a “Short Spey” by Loomis. It’s got a classic Skagit style action with a stiff tip to help move fish and lift and power out heavy Skagit heads. The length makes it maneuverable and accurate while it’s power means that you can jack casts to the other bank without breaking a sweat.

The Galvan Rush LT 8 is a great match for the G. Loomis IMX Pro. It has plenty of capacity for backing, running line and a shooting head. A larger arbor for less line memory. The Rush LT also has a smooth as silk drag system that can put the breaks on any fish peeling line.

The IMX PRO matches up perfectly with the AirFlo Skagit Scout 360gr., we get you all rigged up with the right running line and leader to finish off this great outfit.

If you’d like to read the in-depth write up of how this set up did in our Shootout click HERE

G.Loomis IMX Pro 11’11 #5  $605.00
Galvan Rush LT 8 $345.00
Airflow Skagit Scout 360gr $59.99
Airflow Skagit FLO Tip 10′ of T-10 $26.99
150 yards of SA floating braided running line $34.95
100 yards 30 pound backing $9.99
YA hand-tied custom trout Spey leader $3.95

Outfit Discount – 108.58

Grand Total: 947.29

Retrieve Options

Left Hand retrieve, Right Hand retrieve